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Karen MacIntyre with a black puppy

Karen MacIntyre

Karen has loved and been fascinated by animals for her entire life. This passion led her to dog grooming. After graduating from high school, she moved to Lethbridge, Alberta. She called a dog grooming shop, asked to learn, and ended up being hired. She's never looked back, and she's been grooming since 1991.

Shortly after she moved to Airdrie, Alberta, she got a job in Calgary at another grooming shop, though she wished to find a job closer to home. When the original owner (Karen's then-boss Linda Pape) was looking to sell the business, Karen jumped at the opportunity to buy the shop and keep Pretty Paws alive and well. She was nervous about moving the shop to her home, but her customers followed the place, knowing they could not get the same quality of service anywhere else.

Karen plans to groom as long as she can. She adores the dogs, and she is thrilled that she can do what she loves to do the most. For her, it's all about making the dogs feel comfortable and loved, to return the love they give. She loves the unconditional love she gets every day from her clients.

Now, with the Pretty Paws' very experienced staff, she is teaching her daughter (who loves animals as much as her mother) the same caring and comforting way to groom for which Pretty Paws has been known for over 20 years.

Evaleen Grey with three dogs

Evaleen Grey

Evaleen started working at Pretty Paws for work experience in November of 1989, just after she turned 15 years old. Getting a job working with dogs was a dream come true for her. She now has over 20 years of the work experience she was looking for at 15.

Evaleen loves seeing the dogs every day, making them look and feel good, and treating them with all the love and kindness I give my own dogs and other animals.

Jordyn Leavitt holding a puppy

Jordyn Leavitt

Karen's daughter Jordyn is sure that it was destiny that led her to start work at Pretty Paws. She remembers going into the shop, starting when she was 6 years old, to help her mom or Eva brush the double-coated dogs, or just to visit. As she got older, she was allowed to do some bathing, drying, and eventually shaving.

She also did two semesters of work experience through Bert Church High School in 2011, when she was in 12th grade. Now, she works full time there. She can't wait to become a finisher and continue following in her mother's footsteps.

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